Pioneer Spirit & Mainstream Thoughts

Flirtatious in spring.

April 06, 2023 Stephanie Bachmair Season 1 Episode 2
Pioneer Spirit & Mainstream Thoughts
Flirtatious in spring.
Show Notes

This is the second episode of the podcast ‚Pioneer Spirit & Mainstream Thoughts‘. A podcast about transformational leadership/entrepreneurship, communication, and co-creation. 

In this episode, Stephanie Bachmair is speaking about spring and what it means in terms of quality and atmosphere. She talks about the dreamer and sensitive qualities and how they matter in leadership. As well she introduces the three reality levels Arnold Mindell brought into the process work paradigm. At the end of the episode, she demonstrates a quantum flirt exercise, showing how this practice helps her to relate with you, as her audience. Enjoy!

This episode is about

  • Appreciating spring – the season of planting seeds, flowers blossoming, falling in love
  • “Snow flower” as a metaphor for pioneer spirit – snow flowers are the first flowers to make their way through the snow when everything else is still waking up from a winter sleep
  • Three different reality levels in process work  
  • Appreciating and unfolding flirts as a way to expand our awareness 
  • The beauty and power of being sensitive 

How do you experience the season of spring? What excites you the most about spring?

Stephanie Bachmair is the founder of B.ONFIRE. She is also a process work diplomate and executive coach/facilitator. Stephanie is working in the organizational field with a focus on transformational leadership. She has deep communication expertise, is researching and lecturing Transformational Storytelling, and is a change catalyst thanks to her process work facilitation skills. 

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