Pioneer Spirit & Mainstream Thoughts

Sharing our Voice in Summer

April 20, 2023 Stephanie Bachmair Season 1 Episode 3
Pioneer Spirit & Mainstream Thoughts
Sharing our Voice in Summer
Show Notes

“Stepping on stage doesn´t always mean that you get on stage in front of a big audience – see it as your life stage. It can be a painting, writing a post, a contribution in political discussions, a speech you hold, or whatever way you express your truth and what matters to you the most.”

This is the third episode of the podcast ‚Pioneer Spirit & Mainstream Thoughts‘. A podcast about transformational leadership/entrepreneurship, communication, and co-creation. 

In this episode, Stephanie Bachmair is speaking about summer, about stepping on stage and sharing our unique voices. She talks about what it means to stand for one's truth and what might hinder us in bringing it out. As well she talks about how aware communication and storytelling matter as skills for leaders and how you can work with your story material to get more aware of what you want to stand for. 

In the second part, she invites B.ONFIRE collaborator, Iina Santamäki, to share one of her stories in which she conflicted with an authority. These moments of conflict with authority are moments of truth and generate great learning and understanding about who we are and/or can become as a leader.

This episode is about:

  • The essence of summer - nature blossoming, expressing ourselves, stepping on stage
  • How to use your story material and distill the wisdom it contains 
  • Signature Stories - reflecting on stories where we have conflicted with authority 
  • Working with inner resistance so that we can free ourselves and bring our truth on stage
  • Why storytelling matters in leadership
  • How sharing our unique voice with awareness creates more abundance in the world

Stephanie Bachmair is the founder of B.ONFIRE. She is also a process work diplomate and executive coach/facilitator. Stephanie is working in the organizational field with a focus on transformational leadership. She has deep communication expertise, is researching and lecturing Transformational Storytelling, and is a change catalyst thanks to her process work facilitation skills. 

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