Pioneer Spirit & Mainstream Thoughts

Owning your wisdom in Autumn.

May 02, 2023 Stephanie Bachmair Season 1 Episode 4
Pioneer Spirit & Mainstream Thoughts
Owning your wisdom in Autumn.
Show Notes

This is the fourth episode of the podcast ‚Pioneer Spirit & Mainstream Thoughts‘. A podcast about transformational leadership/entrepreneurship, communication, and co-creation. 

In this episode, Stephanie Bachmair is speaking about autumn, the beauty of harvesting out of our experiences and celebrating them. Distilling the wisdom, we have gained and making it shareable. Stephanie talks about the concept of eldership and shares a conversation with B.ONFIRE collaborator, Iina Santamäki, around cross-generational collaboration. How a beginner´s mind and learning attitude can help us grow together and co-create. 

This episode is about:

  • Stepping into eldership, how we don´t need to be in front of the stage but rather be wise supporters for the younger generation and people who want to share their stories 
  • Taking time to appreciate what we have produced and harvested (knowledge, experiences, creations) and finally sharing that wisdom with others 
  • The healing power of female collaboration and how we have collectively moved (and are moving) from competitiveness to appreciation and caring
  • How eventually age does and doesn´t matter in collaboration – both younger and older generations have wisdom to share and much to learn from one another  

 Stephanie Bachmair is the founder of B.ONFIRE. She is also a process work diplomate and executive coach/facilitator. Stephanie is working in the organizational field with a focus on transformational leadership. She has deep communication expertise, is researching and lecturing Transformational Storytelling, and is a change catalyst thanks to her process work facilitation skills. 

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